• Slippery Liquid and Natural Red Color

    Slippery Liquid Concentrate : For better slip of catheter in your silicone models, just mix 5% slippery Liquid with fresh or demineralized water !

    This brand new alcool-free formula is available in bottle : 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter.

    Natural Red Color : add some drops in your mixed slippery liquid and you will have greatest constrast. (available in 10ml bottle)


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Elastrat Sàrl is a worldwide leader in the development, realization and distribution of human anatomical vascular phantoms.

Our Swiss made transparent soft or rigid silicon phantoms reproduce the anatomical vasculature with its pathologies like aneurysms or stenoses and can be trained through navigation with stents, catheters and coils. They provide a realistic environment for the simulation of endovascular procedures, pre-surgery training, studies and teaching purposes for interventionists, such as interventional cardiologists (neuroradiologists, etc.), interventional radiology-cardiologists, and interventional angiologists. 

The models promote safety through education and professional competence.



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